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If he is a warg, can he not make a warg’s leap to another body or to Ghost. In the books, a wildling warg did this transfer, although unsuccessfully in the end. The wimp couldn’t even kill a little girl let alone fight someone. It is the fifty-eighth episode of the series overall. However, unlike the previous version, it is edited as Arya proposed, with Lady Crane's Cersei promising revenge. After the scene, Lady Crane walks off stage where she sees Arya, injured from the previous episode who seeks refuge with Lady Crane. They have a brief conversation about what they're going to do in the future (and remarking the fate of her rival actress, Bianca ) with Lady Crane asking Arya to join the play company who is going to Pentos, and Arya warning Lady Crane about dangers that will be coming to both of them. Finally, Lady Crane tries to give Arya the milk of the poppy which Arya first rejects but accepts after being told that sleep is the only way for the wound to heal. She finds Lady Crane brutally murdered, apparently impaled onto the legs of the chair she had been standing on. The man turns out to be the Waif, who rebukes Arya for not carrying out her mission so that Lady Crane could have died less violently, and now she has come to kill her. Arya leaps out the window and flees into the streets. She rolls under a wagon and flees into a bathhouse but is unable to outrun the Waif, who is closing in on her. Arya barely manages to stay ahead and rolls down a broad flight of stairs, overturning several baskets of vegetables in the process. Arya flees into an alleyway and uses her bloody hand to leave a bloody trail to a doorway, thus luring the Waif into a darkened room that is only lit by a candle. Arya rises to her feet, retrieving her sword Needle from its hiding place under a blanket. With one quick slice of Needle, the candle is chopped in half and the room is plunged into total darkness. He eventually finds that Arya has murdered and ripped off the Waif's face and stuck it into one of the shelves. Arya has also gouged out the Waif's eyes with her sword. Arya then confronts Jaqen who admits sending the Waif to kill her. However, Arya corrects him that she is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and that she is going home.

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€ť Karen also played a scientist whose girlfriend falls for the robot he created in Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (1965); was Hugh Sloan’s (Steven Collins) lawyer in All the President’s Men (1976); portrayed the casting director bowled over by Naomi Watts’ sensationally steamy audition in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001); and hired a down-on-his-luck Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness (2006). He had regular roles on television on the soap opera As the World Turns and on such series as Dallas, The Powers of Matthew Star, The Larry Sanders Show (as network president Sheldon Davidoff), Ned and Stacey, First Monday and Eight Is Enough. He appeared on Seinfeld, The Golden Girls, L. . Law, Murphy Brown, The Waltons and scores of other series. In the 1984 telefilm Little House: The Last Farewell, which wrapped up the long-running series, Karen played Nathan Lassiter, an unctuous entrepreneur who has bought up all of the land in Walnut Grove. When he attempts to displace the locals, the townspeople decide to blow up all of the buildings so Lassiter won’t get his way. After the finale aired, Karen said that truck drivers in New York shouted at him on the street and cab drivers wouldn’t pick him up. Viewers called and wrote hundreds of letters to Pathmark, demanding that he be fired as the spokesman for the chain. “For some reason they never objected to other heavies I played,” Karen recalled in an interview. “But the evilness of Nathan Lassiter blew their minds. Each week, hosts Vince, Zach, and Brian dig into new releases, film and TV adaptations, and all the news that has broken since the last episode. They highlight five new books to review in depth each episode. Today, she’s retired from comics, but her groundbreaking, personal anthology, Dirty Plotte(1988-99), still remains a major influence on the current alternative comics scene. Only points docked are for quiet ending that couldn’t compete with wildly explosive middle. Two of the hottest creators in comics today, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, join forces to deliver a Venom adventure a thousand years in the making. This anthology of one-shots from Marvel will cover many characters from three different eras: the Republic; Rebellion; and the Resistance. In promoting the upcoming comic series, Marvel announced that one of Star Wars’ most controversial characters will be returning. This comic chiller has delighted many down the years, and you now have the possibility of reading it as nobody has before. Ferociously ironic and playfully bold, Oscar Wilde was the wild boy and rebel of the Victorian age.


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There's no one on his level (except MAYBE bran) and winter is coming for all of them. Cersei better get her shit in gear or there's gonna be no one left. Considering that guy one shot a dragon, the fight will go from bad to hopeless if he is allow to snowball. Jaime is right. If Jonerys lost everyone is up against three zombify dragon and mythical superman. If they won then it will be through some kind of plot device (I am looking at you Brandon the three-eye raven), which meant that mad queen will be up against omniscient god and varys supplying them with enough strategic advantage to win. And do we forget one person who can walk into Kings landing and assassinate Cersei in her sleep effortlessly while looking damn awesome doing it. ep the moment the alliance knew she is expendable or liability, Arya will have all the excuse she have to ask Jon, Dany and Sansa for a really karmic assassination campaign and got a parade for it. Hell to speed the plot along Dany might even drop her near the area via Drogon air. Remember, Lannister never met the assassin on the caliber of Arya before. Arya Stark managed to sneak in and kill Walder. fter killing and finding enough time and oven to bake his kid into human pie in what I assume is the Frey own kitchen without anyone noticing anything and she did that right in his own castle with reasonable amount of security, then use his face to invite his entire family poison the wine and kill them all in one fell swoop (meaning that she feign his handwriting). She is so good that she manage to get rid of the body, poison the wine and orchestrate the kill fest with the man own servant as a server and walk out of the front door. ith everyone in the room still clueless. Even Cersi didn't know she is alive and thus have zero preparation in place. Kill Cersi then let the Lannister fell and thus leaving the throne on Jonerys side, and then appoint Jaime to lead the remnant of her army. One death. veryone win. Cercei doesn't have the luxury of knowing for sure what they know and what the spectators know. And this is coming from TYRION, who is a genius and probably the smartest character in the entire story.


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And at the end when Jon was a shield machine catching Ramsey’s arrows, then beating the poor dear to a pulp. I posted at the time that I hoped we’d see this one surpass them all. Hence, his apathy. And the only thing pushing him grudgingly forward is his sense of duty and responsibility. The real question becomes WHAT will make John WANT to live again. Going to be interesting how that will playout with Mel and Davos”. Love the scenes in Meereen with Dany and all 3 of her dragons. It was beautifully filmed, like something out of a movie. They also knew the other two dragons were chained beneath the pyramid, they said as much in this episode. It was mentioned- not sure if its in the books or in the show-that there is no way to prepare to face a dragon invasion, that the only counter measure would be to hide under a stone built castle and hope it doesn’t melt from dragon fire. The final fates of important characters in the books were unknown when the screenwriting began, so the screenwriters had to make allowance for that. Then, there are several screenwriters working on the material. That is all very much understandable and perhaps not really avoidable. However I think that inconsistencies have become much more noticeable during the latest episodes, compared to earlier seasons. It was a joke. I think you are overreacting, but I am truly sorry if you took it like I was taking a jab at you. And given that Jon told Sansa over and over “ok, you’re right, tell me what to do” it strikes me as lazy writing that we keep being told Jon doesn’t listen to her because she’s a stupid girl. I sense some conflict and am guessing LF will make the situation worse. They didn’t. It was Sansa who insisted the Blackfish would come to their aid “wthout fail”.


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I hope I wasn’t the only one who agreed with such a sentiment. Costner isn’t hungry. “People pay to get splashed. €ť A powerful commentary on the state of the game. Frank Langella is such a great actor who brings gravitas to every role he plays. He makes Costner seem like a whimpering child in this scene. A bit much? The film employs more split screen scenes than an episode of 24. It’s a useful device for showing two sides of a phone conversation—and there are a lot of them in the film—but by the middle of the movie this stylistic choice reaches overkill status. I will say that Reitman cleverly shows one person’s shoulder jutting into the image of the other person’s image panel, etc, and the scene where an individual travels from one edge of the screen to the other, passing right over the other person talking on the phone, was absolutely brilliant. Costner trades the future of the franchise for some “magic beans. €ť This critique comes from his screen mom, Ellen Burstyn. Montana spots John Candy in the stands at the 1989 Super Bowl. I’d never heard this story before and it really enriches the text and subtext of this scene. Sorry Bo, the Browns already have a “super” quarterback. Final analysis: an educational, if fictional, behind-the-scenes look at the NFL draft. Not as lightweight as some of Reitman’s earlier efforts, but not as engrossing as it should’ve been either. An original gridiron tale that should tide over diehard fans until the new season. If Costner keeps on this career track, he’ll soon be the king of sports movies. Bottom line, this is a decent film that effectively reveals the back room wheeling and dealing that accompanies an NFL draft.


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Additionally, the unit loses signal with increasing frequency despite initially perfect connectivity, and now loses connection every minute or so. The latest unit sent, works great - excellent stability at highway speeds with excellent color rendering on display. Recommend buying the digital version of the unit to improve overall experience. This painting tutorial has been paid for by Sherwin-Williams, but all of the opinions and instructions below are my own. I wouldn’t have had any idea what to paint my camper with if I hadn’t wandered into a Sherwin-Williams store before I started, and the paint is pretty much the most important part of the transformation, so thank goodness they partnered with me on this post. True story. A few summers ago, I bought a vintage camper and immediately started an entire camper makeover so we could use my vintage trailer to go glamping, have parties, and just have a cool little glamper clubhouse to hang out in. I was gonna' do this entire DIY series back when I got my vintage camper, but then I decided not to because I am not really a DIY blogger. However, since I am STILL getting loads of questions and emails about the camper makeover, I am starting a DIY Vintage Camper series. I get asked the most about how I painted my camper (probably because the outside is the first thing you see and is usually what you want to start with when you get a camper), so I am starting this series with the outside and how I was able to paint it all by myself. If I tried to paint over it, the finish would have been bumpy and inconsistent. Just like with putting on makeup, you always need a smooth clean surface if you want the finished look to turn out. I used a power drill with a wire wheel brush attachment, and I buffed off all the old paint (every speck) using this drill—by hand. Of course, I was extra classy doing it 7 months pregnant in my swim suit. I recommend working in sections and taking lots of breaks between sanding. The wire wheel is also great for taking rust off knobs and bolts on the camper. I tried a couple of different removers and felt they all kind of worked the same but none were miracle workers. After the rust remover, I washed the entire camper really well. I used plain dish soap because dish soap is a degreaser and it doesn’t leave a residue. If you are gonna' spend 4 days to a week painting the outside of your camper, plus the money on supplies and paint, you might want to make sure you totally love the color and design.